My name is Francesca Gaby Van Daele.
I am a visual artist in a variety of ways.
My main focus is on digital illustration and acrylic paintings on canvas.
Besides those, I do ceramics, polymer clay, animation, film, stories and graphic design.
My work takes the abnormal as the norm.
It is for dreamers, those attracted to nature, and the chaotic or restless minds.
My art stands for freedom and the acceptance of nonconformism.
I create as a human being from my experiences, dreams and humanness.

I believe in the power of life-long learning.
I am curious by nature and get joy from tasting, seeing, hearing, feeling and touching the world.

I experience with all my senses, and my work is one way to share those experiences.
I love doing custom illustrations and paintings, translating ideas/stories to screen or canvas.
PS: I am working on the online shop. :) - meanwhile: send me an email, or contact me via instagram.

Do you believe that you can taste the sun?
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